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  1. I want to invest in a Satrix product. Satrix 40 to be exact. It has a super low TIC of 0.14% & gives me instant diversified exposure. What is the cheapest way to do this, if I am looking to contribute to this investment on a monthly basis via debit order. I believe my options are: 1. Buy the Unit trust - direct (?) or via a platform 2. Buy the ETF - via stock broking platform like SatrixNow or EasyEquities Has anyone done the numbers on this?
  2. Does anyone know of a good Excel plug-in which can get me closing market prices for my stocks? Thank you
  3. Yes agree if you believe the rate which have you on your bond or car loan will be higher than rate of return you will achieve on your investment; then agree.
  4. Hmmm - I also thought so, but there are section 12j investments which start as "low as R100k".
  5. Great reply, Bandit... Unfortunately it is the road taken by many due to massive confidence issues reg our country's future! It feels like we are shooting ourselves in the foot, because the government will likely rip out our limbs anyway. Reg: do you really want your money locked away in an RA A big portion of investments is meant for the very long-term. ie retirement. I will not be touching it until then. So taking advantage of the tax breaks and re-investing those tax savings does make sense... on the one hand. On the other - I too am massively concerned about the future of this country. I might instead do some Section 12J investments to reduce my tax bills instead.
  6. TymeBank does not offer fixed deposits. That is why they do not feature on the site. That being said, their rates on offer are top-notch!
  7. I currently contribute around 15% of monthly salary to RA. Legislation allows me to contribute up to 27.5% or R350 000 - whichever is lower - assume the former Should I look to max out RA and take advantage of the great tax breaks OR use the 15% to invest in a low-cost, equity ETF? Has anyone ever run some numbers / models on which strategy would outperform if retirement is more than 20 years into future?
  8. STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO SAVING FOR YOUR CHILD’s EDUCATION (SA Edition) What this guide is about This guide will show you a step-by-step system, which any parent will be able to follow. By the end of this book, you will know how much tertiary education will cost in the future; how much you need to save at each life-stage and you will have an automated investment strategy done and dusted. # Chapter 1 We look at local and international universities. Their tuition fees now & in the future. # Chapter 2 What is your number? We figure out how much you need to save monthly to send them to university stress free. # Chapter 3 You will open an investment account (with as little as R500) and show you a set-and-forget automated child education investment strategy. # Chapter 4 What not to do. ==================== Update 20 November - Chapter 1 released
  9. Thanks for compliments! I also run www.mymoneytree.co.za
  10. Ok so I had some spare time. Browsed through all the SA banks' websites, scraped their fixed deposit rates, read the fine print and converted them to effective annual rates. I have made this research public & now you can see all of SA's fixed deposit rates on offer at https://www.ratecompare.co.za . I plan to update the rates on a monthly basis. Comments welcome for other banks to add or any feedback in general. I hope someone can draw value from this!
  11. @Bandit - thanks . Jack has been addressed & now features a light colour.
  12. Hi all, I recently wanted to compare fixed deposit rates across different banks. I realised that there is no such thing as a quick comparison of the fixed deposit rates. Sites like mytreasury.co.za and hippo.co.za require contact details (& they ended up sales calling me - arghh) & only give a partial view. So I ended up going to each banking website. Some banks quote nominal rates. Others effective (yay for effective annual rates), others simple interest and then others come up with their own terminology. Frustrating. Anyway, it took me a while, but I ended up understanding what the banks are quoting on their website & converted all the rates to effective rates. Here are the results of my findings, which have been made public at www.ratecompare.co.za. Best 3 month rates - African Bank & Discovery Best 6 month rates - African Bank, Discovery, Capitec Best 12 month - African Bank, Sasfin, Discovery Best 2 year - African Bank & SA Retail Bonds Best 3 year Sasfin & SA Retail, Capitec Best 5 year - African Bank, SA Retail and Capitec
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