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  1. A market maker pays us to send them an order for shares. In return they guarantee execution at the current best price. The market maker can then use the order to get a competitive edge.
  2. How we make money: Paid subscriptions for premium features such as trading on margin and deep market research. Interest on uninvested/idle cash in accounts. Selling order flows to market makers.
  3. We're in the process of getting approved.
  4. Hello all, We've loved the benefits and ease-of-use provided by the US-based commission-free investment apps such as Robinhood. It sucks that this is not available to South Africans, which is why we've built FreeFin -- South Africa's cheapest way to invest. The app is currently in beta and we're adding new features daily. I'd love to hear what stocks/bonds/ETFs you would like to see in the app. Mention your requests in the comments for us to focus on getting them implemented in our product. Thanks!
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