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Investment advice required

Guest gary

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Guest gary

Hi All,


Some advice on current investment portfolio would be much appreciated. Am I on the right track, should I make any adjustments.  Fully understand that it is not professional advice.


Battling to find good independent advice. Always linked to a product or to scared to give outright advice.


Key investment goal is to retire comfortably in 25 years time and get decent long - term growth.

Current portfolio:

  • Equities - ETFs (Top 40 (R1m), MSCI World (R250k), S&P500 (R50k), Nasdaq 100 (R200k)) 
  • Property - 3x properties (paid off in full and currently renting) (Prop 1 (R4.2m), Prop 2 (R1.2m), Prop 3 (R1.0m) - Decent rental yields, all above 10%.
  • Retirement fund through company (R3m)
  • Smaller emergency funds here and there but nothing to write home about


When I look at it I do believe I am over exposed to SA market and property. 


Advice would be appreciated.


Thanks a million.

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