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Google Sheets share value

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Just started using Google Sheets. Is there a way to use the formula [ GOOGLEFINANCE(ʺJSE:MRPʺ,ʺpriceʺ) /100 ] without including "JSE" in the formula? I assume it looks at the Dow Jones for the Ticker and hence does not find MRP unless I include "JSE".

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Google finance uses their own "exchange code". On Google "JSE" means the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The same thing nn Bloomberg, for example, would be SJ.





To get a share prices you need to know 1) where it is trading (JSE, Dow Jones, Nasdaq) and 2) the ticker on that exchange for it. Example: if I ask you Naspers' share price how would you know if I am talking about the JSE or A2X price? Or Lonmin who is trading on the JSE and the LSE:






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