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    Google Sheets share value

    Just started using Google Sheets. Is there a way to use the formula [ GOOGLEFINANCE(ʺJSE:MRPʺ,ʺpriceʺ) /100 ] without including "JSE" in the formula? I assume it looks at the Dow Jones for the Ticker and hence does not find MRP unless I include "JSE".
  2. EdInvestor

    Google Sheets share value

    Makes sense. Thanks Bandit.
  3. EdInvestor

    Bloomberg Watchlist

    G'day, Newbie here. I read and saw on a previous post on this forum about using Bloomberg to track ones portfolio. Someone posted a diagram of the % split. I created a Bloomberg account and added my ETF's but I don't see where one can produce/view the portfolio split diagrammatically. Is there a 'How to use Bloomberg Watchlist' beginners guide? Where do I add the date I bought the stock and at what price etc? I use EE to buy ETF's. Is there another tool I can use for this purpose other than Bloomberg? I'm a very late bloomer when it comes to 'taking ownership' of my finances......