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  1. imo92

    Consolidated Infrastructure Group CIL

    Eish. Had a small holding in this. Tempted to just sell now during this small bounce
  2. imo92

    What was your dumbest investment?

    Consolidated Infrastructure Group. Sigh.
  3. imo92

    Stock Watch Thread

    Yeah true definitely need to spread out across the sectors. I'm currently sitting at around 15 so I guess I could add a couple more. There's quite a few stocks that have dropped in price that's looking quite tempting to get into. AdaptIT for example. A concern is that, if I'm investing a certain amount every month, increasing my portfolio reduces how much each company gets. Perhaps its better to focus on a limited amount of shares. ETF's are great, thought of investing in them to form a foundation of sorts, but they usually come bundled with a company or two that I don't want my money in. Maybe I'm just looking at all of this the wrong way
  4. imo92

    Stock Watch Thread

    General quick question. Hoping someone can weigh in. What is the ideal number of stocks to hold or aim for, if you are investing in individual companies. Basically at what point do you say, okay I'm diversified enough now, and anymore will just make my portfolio too big.
  5. imo92

    Daily Analysis - Your Pick

    Analysis on CIL would be great