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  1. I recently found this thread on reddit's personal finance sub regarding cost effective cooking using a slow cooker. The goal: to spend less on take-aways and make tasty meals on the cheap.
  2. 1. PC 2. Notepad 3. Pen 4. Pencil 5. Various notes.
  3. Well, SA we did have a Q&A site run by Media24 called Answerit which I thought was better than Yahoo Answers. I think that was when 24.com was still trying the portal strategy.
  4. The problem with mags is that the content is already stale when it reaches the shelf, even top magazines have subscriptions to give you online exactly what you get in the magazine (investing more so where real time information is quite important). I still think sitting with a magazine and relaxing is a very underrated thing in modern times. Yeah PC Format, Mars Mlodzinski was editor in SA when I used to read it, then he was replaced by Tamsin Mackay (now Oxford). But Luis Villazon was by far my favourite, the replies he used to give his in his "Ask Luis" column still makes me smile today
  5. Here is another idea, if there is a lot of development going on in the area you can build garages as storage space and rent it out to builders - like this.
  6. care to share the area, R35K for 500 odd m² seems like a nice sit and hold Me and @padjakkels bought it together pretty impulsive if you ask me (: Its in Touwsrivier, so probably not a "good" area, but for the price by the heck not. == Welcome btw, hope you enjoy the stay here. Any suggestions what we should do with the property? Should we sell it again? Develop it? Building is quite expensive and you may not get the returns in rental to make it worth it if you building a residential unit. You could build a cheaper square building such as a hall or chur
  7. Yes, TinEye has been doing this (reverse image search) for a while as well and they have developer API's to build apps on top of their technology. I find their "WineEngine" quite interesting.
  8. I lived in Ceres 15 years ago (2002) and back then cheap Touws River plots were available and the price seems to have gone nowhere in all this time and if what OP is saying is true that he can get plots there for R25 to R35k then prices have in fact depreciated over the years. It's one of those places, lots of land, nothing going on, nothing to see. Chatsworth close to Malmesbury is another place where cheap plots could have been purchased a few years ago. People from the Cape bought in, some can't sell their plots, the others that moved over say the place resembles the Cape Flats once it star
  9. That is an excellent point. Something I've wondered myself, can you imagine how *bad word* please do not do thated people must be if they had lost their hardware/data containing their wallets now with one bitcoin worth over R10k ONE BITCOIN!!!? Do you think there is a business opportunity in buying old wiped hard drives from classifieds and using hard drive recovery software on it to see if you cannot retrieve any wallets. Kind of like physical bitcoin mining. Mmm...
  10. I got the Email, the rebrand looks interesting, I wonder if it was because they did not own the .com for bitx or was there another reason. That being said the price of bitcoin is sickening to me, to think in my prime I had the chance to get aboard the bandwagon early on, only to lose out because I was too busy debating whether it was worth it based on the price of electricity then. When the opportunity was actually to buy coins from existing miners when it was still considered a novelty and people was doing things like paying 10000BTC for pizza.
  11. This is interesting because I was under the impression that poultry (Astral) and clothing retail (Mr Price) was in for a challenging year. Poultry with the imports and Mr. Price due to the arrival of Cotton on and H&M. The problem with Mr. Price is that it has gotten expensive putting them within the same bracket as the arrivals. They need to get closer to Pep and Ackermans price point.
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