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[ANN] Freedom of action with ZUMMINER

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ZUMMINER is a multi-currency crypto-wallet designed for storing, exchanging, and mining cryptocurrency. The tool has a high level of security and supports the most popular digital currencies. Here's what the devs say about their product:


"Our whole life we have been watching technologies moving forward. Around it an ecosystem is always formed, which allows us to curb this technology, making our experience with it more enjoyable and simple.

As so it happens with blockchain. In order to take advantage of all the opportunities, a huge amount of knowledge and effort was required before. We simplified this task to a few clicks!"


ZUMMINER combines three main functions:


- a multi-currency crypto-wallet;

- Cloud Mining for the most popular coins directly from the wallet;

- the possibility of investment with fixed earnings up to 0.33%.


Benefits that make the use of the service even more convenient: 


- exchange and storage of funds in USD;

- all transactions with cryptocurrencies in the wallet are made at the current exchange rate;

- external factors do not affect the performance of the network 

- mining takes place on our own farm with the latest equipment (AR3810, ACSC100);

- a team of mining experts;

- 24/7 service support ready to answer any questions.


At the moment, investments in ZUMMINER mining account for 3.5 million dollars.


Open lots of possibilities with the multi-currency ZUMMINER crypto-wallet at our WEBSITE




WhitepaperLegal documentationPOAFacebookTwitterOur TeamRatesWallet★[/align]

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On November 5th-6th 2017 the Shenzhen International Finance Expo was held at the Shenzhen Exhibition Center. More than 500 financial organizations, Internet finance enterprises, inclusive financial organizations, specially invited universities and colleges from all over the world take part in this financial exhibition. The Zumminer team from Europe became the only company engaged in digital assets, which takes part in the Shenzhen International Finance Expo, interacting and communicating with the active visitors of the exhibition.






WhitepaperLegal documentationPOAFacebookTwitterRatesWallet


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Why can you Invest in ZUMMINER and gain profit?


ZUMMINER is a transparent service for holders of cryptocurrency assets. One of the main services that we provide is fixed-income investments up to 0.33% per day. Our team is trying to be as open as possible to our users. Now we will tell you how you can earn with our service, as well as why it is profitable to make investments in ZUMMINER!


As we wrote earlier, ZUMMINER has huge capacities aimed at mining the cryptocurrency. Now our service has 3 filial branches in China:


- Sichuan is a place where our equipment is located;

- Hong Kong is a technological city with the most advanced legislation regarding cryptocurrencies;

- Shenzhen - the city where we hold the familiarization exhibition pavilion.


At the moment, the bulk of ZUMMINER's capacity is aimed at mining the DASH cryptocurrency. Considering many factors, it allows you to achieve maximum profit, even during the gradually increasing complexity of mining. https://www.coinwarz.com/difficulty-charts/dash-difficulty-chart


However, we are not going to just stand on the side, as we are constantly expanding. The profit received through mining goes to purchasing new modern miners, supporting and repairing our equipment, and attracting a highly qualified staff.


To accelerate these processes, ZUMMINER provides an opportunity for any user to make investments in mining based on the principle of deposits. You deposit a certain amount of money into your account, choose the most suitable TARIFF for you and get a fixed profit. We also receive additional funds for the more active development of the service, and, respectively, to obtain more profit. As a result, both sides are making the profit!


Follow the NEWS!

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