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  1. Hey guys, Looking to implement a Warehouse Management System in a small warehouse with about 500 SKU`s. I need to keep track of stock and what is getting dispatched on a daily basis. I need something that is not costly and be easy to use. We have 2 small warehouses a retail space and office which ideally need to be linked. Any recommendations. TIA
  2. Yea, Im glad I found PW, has opened my eyes and gives a platform to share and grow
  3. So today I was at lunch with my gran, and I mentioned that this year I have started investing in stocks and ETFS ... Well that turned another direction... She was not happy at all, telling me to be careful and thats when I stopped ( thank goodness I didnt mention Bitcoin) She advised me that I must go and see her advisor at Allen Gray- She said my brother (17) and I must first buy property (im only 19) So the point is who do you speak to in your friend/ family circle or do you only share on PW?
  4. Patience, directors have been loading up on shares since october. I sense something in the next 2 years.
  5. How do you guys feel about AEE? (African Equity Empowerment Investments Limited) Tremendous growth this year...
  6. In the new year as DD expands to more locations, when I spoke to the Head of DD SA he said they have to open 300 DD`s with in 5-9 years
  7. Im happy with L4L, I got in at R4.25
  8. Hi @YoungInvestor How do you get news updates like these?
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