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  1. PEM quite tiny at this point in time. https://www.pressreader.com/south-africa/finweek-english-edition/20171116/282071982179483
  2. I hope you did pull the trigger Ranger
  3. Ranger I like it, this only creates an opportunity to get a bit more.....this is still a baby
  4. Reminds me of the ABIL tragedy....took a serious bath with that one
  5. Agreed Mr D, PEM is indeed lower suburban targeting group and I they have indicated they are already taking proactive actions in managing bad debts. With our economy shrinking bad debts have a way of quickly spiralling out of control, which could hurt these guys. I also noted from Curro that they are also loosing learners, to lower fee private schools perhaps ?
  6. Mr D, you mean in terms of bad debts?
  7. I recently read a bit about PEM, tried to check this forum for Pembury but no luck. I have looked at their prospectus, though never participated on the IPO, and read their recent results. , read up on their directors ( nothing scandalous or bad social media comments seems to pop up), I guess now they have to prove themselves. I have to say that, its a long way to go for this one, interestingly the company indicates their NAV at 39c, from the 100c they started with that's a huge premium for hope. Anyone used a different valuation of late and what your figures are showing? What I do li
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