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  1. I gave our PEM friends a call earlier today, there is board meeting taking place the whole day to finalise the final issue, Riaan (CFO) not available due to this meeting. Expected Announcement later today or tomorrow (not that I believe this) after so many missed deadlines. Surely now these guys will be removed from the Index at Zero Value on 7 September 2018. Interim results are expected on 6.09.2018, I will have to see this to believe it. I will certainly attend the AGM of this one to voice my disappointment at such value destruction on such potential. Perhaps we have the wrong l
  2. Anyone received their Annual Reports yet ? I have certainly not. Tomorrow is the day...lets see....if they manage to release results and start trading again I see a huge drop in this share, single digits, just because of this management. Groovy is quite spot on so much potential and nice niche that is being destroyed.
  3. So Curro has released their half year numbers, PEM still struggling with 2017 numbers, 2018 is gone already wondering if they even notice that 2018 is gone. Their communication is sh** counts for zero cannot be taken seriously. September is around the corner! Shareholders have no clue if the application to lift suspension has been made to the JSE, no clue if the Annual Reports have been sent to the shareholders. What a drain on such potential, this share is going downhill from here on.
  4. And then.....there was nothing....again....or atleast I have not seen anything. No Sens
  5. Let’s see today what comes out if something at all
  6. Still no answers. https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/markets/2018-05-31-shower-of-penny-stock-results-forecast-for-thursday/
  7. PEM promised a trading statement on or before 15 May 2018, today is 16 May 2018. I have called their office this morning, well " CFO said the results will be issued soon" when? "Soon" I do not believe they will issue anything this month. This share will tank badly when they resume trading, if ever this will happen. Zero Credibility left.
  8. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-04/libstar-sells-shares-in-johannesburg-at-bottom-of-price-range I guess the market has spoken....bottom of the price range...is quite telling. Lets see if further declines come after listing, hopefully no skeletons in the closet Ranger too many these days. Please burn all files you might have on corruption and accounting gymnastics
  9. I fully agree Groovy, credibility has vanished after this hide and seek, this goes to their operational credibility too. Quite disappointing really. They are now acting like a bunch of amateurs. Not a great start.
  10. As far as I can remember Ranger, they cited heavy investment they needed to make to keep their promised number of schools of 40 by 2020 and also to allow pupils numbers to grow in each of the new schools. At that stage the retirement villages were contemplated but not confirmed for integration into the group. These then have a chance to also change the picture now that they are part of the group. So far I’m happy, what they need now is Long4life (Joffe) with deep pockets as an anchor shareholder, then growth would really accelerate. ?wishful ?
  11. Are they also in the Financial Accounting Gymnastics as well? Business Day is punting Libstar, IPO I will skip at this stage....we are likely to overpay due the the hype being created even before a prospectus is issued.
  12. Please elaborate a bit more Noobly, why ?
  13. By PEM’s projections they said they wouldn’t be profit making until a great part of 2019 as far as I can recall. So until they say otherwise I went into this fully aware, so with results no big expectations since we are still in 2018
  14. Results were meant to be out today before the Sens about some accounting treatment in their financials. With accounting topics these days after Steinhoff, investors are very cautious. My take on the matter, until it’s cleared I would not panic.
  15. This was one is just inching up nicely and slowly affording us the chance to load up.
  16. It will definitely continue Ranger, load up on the dips, sit back and enjoy the show. One day when its a market darling....rewards shall be ripped. I'm in as well
  17. Thank you guys, I went Luno...BTC....then went Bittrex....then bought XRP, :-)
  18. Great Ranger, I like Ripple. I have been trying to school myself on these crypocurrencies, ready to take a plunge, how do I buy Ripple ? Where to start? Reputable brokers
  19. Books from Warren, Benjamin,Peter Lynch, Charlie Monger,Carl Icahn and my gut feel when I research a company( don't trust much on our market commentators)first I track who runs it, check them out ( do they know what they are into, have they been successful in the past companies, and of course controversial statements on social media&contreversial media coverage(a Biggy these days), second I stalk the progress on promises, Contrarian I would define my self, what excites me is finding that gem with my spare cash. Lucky me my wife is on board as I have made us a pretty penny over the last fe
  20. I'm collecting this one as well ?, I would say patience on this one.....give it time, even expecting some further dips as impatient guys sell in desperation to get out, those that bought at a 100c and other impatient ones. Curro never shot out the lights from the onset, Finbond took its own sweet time, Capitec the same, this one will be no different. Well others went bust as well, but this is part of this game.
  21. For 20c a pop I can take this potential headache away from you
  22. A dip to Sub 20 would be great for loading up and then leave it to mature.[emoji3]
  23. Great opportunity for growth in this stock thats for sure.....so far I'm happy to with them delivering on their promises since listing.
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