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  1. Thank you @Spreadsheet Ranger Do mind stating what the prices are? Or you can PM me?
  2. Hi All, Anyone can recommend a provider that could debit order my clients for cheap? I provide a monthly service that is billed at the same amount per month, but my clients does not pay me, I would like to setup a debit order to minimise my admin time. Any ideas?
  3. McGuywer

    Understanding Bitcoin with Luno

    @werner, Why does Luno charge a fee to receive Bitcoins?
  4. After some months, are you still receiving 1% a day?
  5. McGuywer

    Are you running a website?

    @Spreadsheet Ranger If I may ask, what framework are you using for your table?
  6. McGuywer

    Are you running a website?

  7. McGuywer

    SNH/STAR: Shoprite Call Option

    Should we buy?
  8. McGuywer

    So many address's.....

    Hi All, I have a address with Luno, Nicehash and Coinpot to name a few. How do I consolidate? Or am I missing something?
  9. McGuywer

    Interesting Finance Infographics

    Thank you, awesome thread. Very informative.
  10. McGuywer

    2 Hello threads in one night!

    Hallo, Im new as well.