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  1. Well, Sygnia probably realised there was a lot of money to made out of all these "idiots" buying ETF's over unit trusts. Who would turn down the opportunity to buy an established client base, i for one wont be selling off my x-trackers purely because Sygnia was against ETF's. That being said if they had brought a new ETF product to market i may have been a little more skeptical.
  2. The entry Wear and Tear Tax deduction on personal/work Laptop on Tax Tim is what originally got me thinking that it might be possible. In that query the individual states that they are a full time employee. It seems that a letter from the company stating that the laptop is used for work purposes and an invoice is all that is required. I have not found anything from SARS explicitly stating that this cannot be done. Obviously if you receive an allowance for this sort of thing from your employee this would not be possible.
  3. Well now that we are officially junk i suppose the question we need to ask is how long will we remain junk? I would presume that any investing would need to be done with a 5 to 10 year junk status consideration?
  4. Hi Guys, I will be purchasing a new laptop soon and was wondering if i will be able to depreciate a portion of it over 3 years considering the following: I am employed full time. The laptop will be used for work 90% of the time Has anyone here successfully claimed wear and tear on a personal laptop used for work? I was recently advised that salaried individuals cannot claim depreciation.
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