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  1. Would now be a good time to buy STAR? or should i wait it the price settles. Below R20 seems fair
  2. I currently use a Capitec account for emergency funding as it available immediately. I have a Virgin Money credit card. Reason is there is no monthly charge to have that card and 55 days interest free. I added the credit card as a beneficiary on Capitec, so if I need cash fast I can use Credit card and transfer from Capitec. I know its not the highest interest rate @ 5.3% but, it's simple and doesn't cost anything cause interest earned is far greater than admin fee.
  3. How low do guys think Tharisa PLC can go, thinking of getting in there, and holding for 6 months.
  4. Hi everyone, This is my first post. I'm starting my ETF portfolio based on the downloadable ebook. What is the difference between the CSP500 and DBXWD? I'll basically be buying 60% - DBXWD/CSP500 and 40% NFEMON. No GLPROP ETF as I'm already invested in Investec Property Fund and Tower Fund Properties (50/50). Should I go the the GLPROP ETF in anycase seeing as I have the above shares? All input appreciated, thanks.
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