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  1. I still think you deserve ten Fat Wallet points, which totally are a thing.
  2. We don't do any asset management at all. We simply supply information. That means if there's ETF exposure that you feel is more appropriate to your circumstances, you can always choose to include that in your portfolio. We simply supply the information, our reasoning behind it and allow you to stay in charge of your financial decisions. In the end, you're the one who will have to live off that money.
  3. You're spot-on on the ETFs, by the way. The reason why you can guess them is because we'll never keep them a secret. The service isn't to keep that information away from anyone. Rather, it's so people who are still cautious around investing will have someone to hold their hand through the process. The idea is for us to be there when things get hairy to tell you what is likely to happen to your investment and remind you to stay invested. It's also to help you keep an eye on weightings within your portfolio.
  4. We are actually considering doing TFSA portfolios and the Momentum on EE, but as mentioned earlier in this thread, we really want to stick with a once-off flat rate. Still ironing out the kinks.
  5. You could buy these ETFs in your ABSA ETF Only or TFSA accounts.
  6. That's kind of where I ended up. I do what I can, but I probably miss more than I catch.
  7. I take issue with gold miners because of dangerous working conditions for very little pay at the lower level, and epic levels of fat cat-ness at the top. Last year I invested in the Just One Lap Momentum portfolio which included a few gold miners, so I opted instead for Satrix Resi, which still invested in gold miners but made me feel better. Complete, conscious self-delusion. It's tricky to figure out if my money should work for me or work for social good. I chat about it here: https://justonelap.com/warning-ethics/ You can check out this too: https://justonelap.com/etf-investing-feels/
  8. *blush* So, I'm still at Easy Equities too, although Absa is cheaper in the ETF only space. I'm too lazy to FICA, which I'm not proud of, but there it is. I'm starting to feel frustrated around data on EE, but if I don't mess around I only transact once or twice a year. It's a fire and forget frustration. Active trading is becoming more and more alluring to me too. I have to talk myself out of it all the time, because I like money. EE is a good platform for active trading with little money, because of the fractional share allowance. I might start there eventually. I like that I can't gear on EE. IG is too sexy for me still.
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