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    RA vs SA ETF's

    That is what I am currently doing. I am slowly reducing my Unit Trusts portfolio (mainly SA) and moving the funds into the 2 ETF's you mention : MSCI and Glodiv
  2. Line of Duty (Netflix). About events in the Police Ant-Corruption Unit. Season 1 has 5 episodes and I believe Season 2 will be making its way to South Africa. Really worth watching. 9.5/10
  3. Recently retired (or sort of) now based in the Garden Route. Although I do have Unit Trusts, I prefer ETF's and doing the migration to the latter in a structured (or trying to) way, as and when the opportunity allows. Also trade commodity options (on US exchanges) to keep my mind active and for something different. As far as JSE equites go ....sshhh ... currently like having a family member in Pollsmoor - don't talk too much. Looking forward to sharing ups and downs and successes !!
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