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  1. the JSE records short sales but for private investors that data is not easily available .. certainly I only ever see it from research houses
  2. they weight by ERC – Equal Risk Contribution .. here's vid of the presentation from Thursday on the methodology, weighting etc. https://justonelap.com/video-absa-newfunds-etf-launch/
  3. they need a third party to confirm prices being aid are fair. Trick is who is third party and what methodology did they use. I do not follow the stock at all, all hype need to see substance first.
  4. STXDIV has a very different methodology to this new one STXDIV uses historic DY for inclusion whereas this uses years of divs for inclusion (25 years of consistant dividends for the US etc.). So it is not a high DY ETF at all, divs just the 'quality' metric. https://justonelap.com/podcast-global-dividend-aristocrats/
  5. I wrote on ellies month or so back in FinWeek It turned and I like management who nearly died makes them more cautious, albeit Wayne has quit. If you want some risks then a decent enough punt
  6. purpley that portfolio so reminds me of way back in the day and what mine looked like that I had to track down my password and reply. Forget the money lost, it's gone. When you've been able to do that (not easy, but important) start having a hard look at what you own and why you own it. Then sell the dogs. GBI, they're going broke, end of story. Get out while you can. HAR/CRD, why ? Gold miners are only ever bought when closing a short. Sure they'll run one day but trust me when I say in all my years I know nobody who created wealth via gold miners. They the pits. CCO/BAT/FFB
  7. as long as you comply with companies act and listing requirements the JSE is happy. Ethics are in the eye of the beholder (Some will say BTI shouldn't be listed as their product kills), not the JSE
  8. page 23 of listing doc has the stats post new shares being issued (http://premierfishing.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Premier-Food-Fishing-Ltd-Full-Pre-listing-Statement-1.pdf) HEPS at 19c so PE at 450c is just under 24x. Not cheap (if compared to OCE, Sea Harvest hasn't given details as yet) but they raising money to fund their abalone expansion and that should ramp up a fair chunk over next 4-5 years so high PE but all things equal high growth potential ..
  9. No we don't manage money. We're signing up with partners who will offer them and you could use any broker to buy the portfolio. If we ever need to swap ETFs and rebalance the portfolio this will be communicated to subscribers.
  10. Hamster, two points. You can put this portfolio together, but it's aimed at the person I call my sisters neighbour. When my sister needs help she calls me, but who does her neighbour call? Likely they wander into their bank and get ripped off Hence these portfolios. As for the fee, a flat fee is exactly what I campaign for, no percentage of AUM which is the rip off. You pay one flat rate regardless of size, like if you went to the dentist. They don't charge based on your net worth, they charge on what they do. Percentage of AUM as a fee must die. Lastly, first year is free
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