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  1. My SO has a property in the Greyton area. Every other week she gets inquiries about renting it out or outright selling it. The demand for property is definitely there: I've seen a few Cape based property developers going inland, buying cheap plots and putting up mini complexes. Would love to do something similar if I had the capital. Unfortunately we live in Pretoria and remote maintenance is proving very difficult at the moment. Also, substance abuse is on the increase in the whole Overberg area with the crime that follows. Put in a couple of insurance claims in 2016 for stolen burglar
  2. Interesting read. Any idea on the easiest and least costly avenue to get a will drawn up?
  3. care to share the area, R35K for 500 odd m² seems like a nice sit and hold
  4. AndyC


    Hello everyone Hope this is place is as interesting as it looks from outside. Looking forward to getting some knowledge and making some money
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