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  1. Floored: Into The Pit - Epic Trader Movie! [video=youtube]https://youtu.be/tCcxr-fyF4Q Enter a world where pandemonium reigns and reckless ambition rules: the trading floors in the financial canyons of downtown Chicago. Here, men use strange hand signals to buy and sell everything from pork belly to soybeans while wearing the weight of our complex economy on their shoulders - along with their neon jackets. It's a physical, bruising place, one where a slight gain creates heroes, rich beyond what their high school educations should ever afford. But the wrong move on the wrong day can ruin lives. At a time when millions have lost fortunes in the fickle stock market and fear abounds about the faltering financial system, FLOORED is a gripping, honest look behind the curtain of the trading floor that few have ever seen. Written by James Allen Smith
  2. Investing in equities is easy on your wallet. With the lowest commission and no minimum investment, platform or data fees, it’s the cheapest investment solution out there.
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