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    Daily Analysis - Your Pick

    DBXWD SJ MSCI World Index ETF (International Index), SANLAM been doing well compared to its competition
  2. sonxmula

    Discuss Bank Account

    oh Gutcha!
  3. sonxmula

    Discuss first meeting Date and Agenda

    Skype group calls drops quite alot due to coverage issues especially where participants use disparate networks (DSL, 3G [CellC, Voda], etc), i would suggest voice calls over video calls. My study group had bad enough experience with group voice calls (unfortunately SA network is not that great).
  4. sonxmula

    Discuss Bank Account

    From votes: 1. Capitec 2. FNB 3. Nedbank -> seems to be the choice??
  5. sonxmula

    Discuss first meeting Date and Agenda

    I agree with Skype @ 3pm