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  1. TAW you beaut. 70% up. Not taking profit though. Considering to buy some more. Will see what the price does over the next few days.
  2. Downloaded, but not yet registered. Next week hopefully I'll get it done. Watched a youtube or 3 and gt247 looks much better than IG.
  3. Where did you get a demo account? I tried IG. But I don't like it that much.
  4. Foresight Solar application on EE now. Might have to get me some of 'em
  5. Brilliant, thanks. I tried with the J at the end.
  6. I would like the code to get the ALSI index chart on google finance or investing.com Anyone?
  7. I checked EE's twitter this morning. They have been asked, and it seems they are working on it. So hopefully it happens soon.
  8. The American coffee shop Starbucks opened its third outlet in the country this week. http://rekordeast.co.za/108898/starbucks-opens-its-doors-in-pretoria/
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