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  1. It did go through eventually on the Exchange, thank you.
  2. Mine stays on the loading splash screen indefinitely, I have uninstalled and reinstalled but it stays the same. I have resorted to using the Jaxx browser plugin on my computer.
  3. Guys on Gatehub did you use the Exchange or Trade option to convert your Ethereum into Ripple?
  4. Jaxx mobile app on Android gets stuck on launch screen.
  5. Thanks for your informative review Ranger. I'm drawn towards Jaxx but I would like to nibble into Ripple and I see it doesn't have that. I see you have tried the Blockchain.info wallet, where can I find a list of its altcoins? Also how do you rate Electrum (offline wallet) in this equation?
  6. How do you do a simple quote and reply on this forum? :-(
  7. Thank you all for the info. I opened a Luno account and will soon get a Jaxx one. Intention is to get Bitcoin and then convert to Ethereum and other altcoins. Jaxx looks good but the number of supported altcoins seems to be still limited.
  8. Ok, understood. So we can agree Jaxx is a wallet and Shapeshift/Changelly exchanges? You have given good reviews of those platforms. Do you have experience with other Ethereum/altcoin wallets besides Jaxx?
  9. Thanks all for the insightful thread. Spreadsheet Ranger I see you make a comparison between Jaxx and ShapeShift/Changelly. Isn't Jaxx a wallet where one can store their ETH and the others just exchanges for doing conversions? Can you store your Ethereum and other altcoins on Shapeshift/Changelly?
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