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  1. Interesting opinion and chart from this page on their website: http://www.pdsnet.co.za/index.php/forums/topic/the-giant-awakens/ S&P 500 growing. We're going into an economic boom, apparently. Luckily I just put some cash down on an ETF that tracks it. Would love their charting software so I can continue growing my knowledge. In our view, the world is sitting on the cusp of a massive economic boom – which is being reflected in rising share markets. Consider the chart of the S&P500 index over the past year: http://www.pdsnet.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/SP500-The-
  2. [video=youtube] Hey guys! Another Quintessential Finance for you guys. Would love to get your feedback on this. Some food for thought whilst the Bitcoin price skyrockets.
  3. Hey guys if you want R15 free bitcoin you can put the word 'QUINTUS' (without punctuation) into Luno's promotions tab. Expires at midnight. Thank me when you're a millionaire
  4. This particular interview was recorded at TuksFM 107.2's studios - so that was specifically radio equipment. However, I do run a home set up that I conduct interviews with: Audio Technica AT2020 USB microphone, Skype, MP3 Skype Recorder, Audacity, Post-production in Adobe Audition. This is the kind of result you get with that: [video=youtube]
  5. Hey guys. I interviewed Charles Savage, CEO of Easy Equities, yesterday and got some interesting takeaways. He says a fully functional app is coming and says that US stocks will be available on the platform by the end of July. Here is the full interview, if you're curious: [video=youtube]
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