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    I dont act on advice given freely. I am in this to make money. There are trolls and there are those willing to aid and give assistance. I am a quick study and fast learner. .... however one of the things I have learned is that I am jumping in too early. Maybe using charts can help me with this.
  2. Been watching the market and shares. I had Steinhoff and Sasol last week. Have sold them both as I have no idea where they are going. lost about R800 and put the balance 1500 into Dx10. It was my intention to trade Steinhoff buy low sell high. It was working until last Monday. Dx10 looks better than the rest. Difficult to determine when shares bottom out right now.
  3. Hello everyone... Am here as a private trader, investor. While I am not a young person I am new to shares and the market while making some friends along the way.
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