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  1. No reason why not , I was just concerned about any debit Order fees ( before I set it up) on the EE platform? It seems that this is negligible and being hassle free, out weighs the debit Order fees ? ( if any) ... it says zero fees when you go onto the EE platform fees and costs page for debit Order transactions?
  2. Cheers Saurus and Bandit, appreciate the objective insight. Will be buying my first 2x ETFs in a few day time. Quick question ... is it recommended setting up monthly debit order R500 pm via EE platform or EFT transfer ( which I will have to do manually) . Debit Order suits me (,Knut maybe it’s more expensive with transaction fees) again shot for the advice .
  3. Hi I’m new to ETFs I have opened an EE account. I all-ready have provident fund etc ... with my co via Alexander Forbs . But would like advice on what two solid long term (5years horizon min)ETFs one should buy and stay with ??? Any advice is appreciated . Thanks Paul
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