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  1. Anyone know anything about Digibyte? https://www.reddit.com/r/Digibyte/
  2. Woah, I'm thinking of dropping some cash into IOTA now https://hacked.com/iota-doing-big-things-as-microsoft-partnership-announced/
  3. Nice, yeah I've looked at localbitcoins.com, and signed up for it. I'm just waiting for the BTC price to drop before trying to out. Seems a pretty good option, especially if I can find a regular trader who I can deal with. I'm absolutely up for direct exchange between trusted members here as well if they wanna get
  4. Hi, I'm often getting put off by the high cost of buying & selling on many platforms, with fees added etc. I'm a South African in the UK so earn GBP, so was wondering if anyone has any tips for where to buy decently priced BTC. I was thinking there must be some p2p type trading happening, in a decent community. Similarly, if anyone has an offshore UK bank account and wants to come to some regular arrangement I'm all ears. Cicero
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