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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new the forum and this is my first post... a cry for help! I recently started experimenting with Bitcoin and wanted to get some Ethereum. I bought some Bitcoin (luckily a small amount) and transferred it to the CEX.io exchange. When I tried to convert it to ETH I was informed the min trade value is 0.01 BTC. I've got 0.002... BTC so now its stuck in limbo. I cannot withdraw either as they have a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.01BTC which I wasn't aware of. I've written to their support for help and have been met with "that's our policy, sorry". So according to their thinking, I have to add 0.008 BTC to get my balance up to 0.01 BTC and then pay them for their wonderful service too before I can withdraw. I'm glad I tested this with a small amount as part of the learning curve, but I'd still like to get my "Bitcents" back. Any advice on how to get my currency out of there? I'd be grateful if anyone could assist me.
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