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  1. E-CHAT VIDEO BLOG CONTEST IN HIGH GEAR Dear friends, it is less than a week before our competent jury will choose the winner of e-Chat video blog contest. We would like to remind you that the prize fund is $27,000 (27,000 ECHT). We have already received 25 videos from you and hope to get more. Check out the participation guidelines and create your winning video, there are only 4 days left, don’t miss your chance! Please, participate and vote for other participants. You could give your vote for the video you like HERE. Shower us with your masterpieces and win the top prize of the contest. Stay tuned! WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
  2. Here, at e-Chat, we know what features a messenger for future generations should obtain. Our ideas are based on quite a gloomy prediction of how the majority of well-known messengers function nowadays. Even the fact that each of us is using minimum 5–7 different means is showing that there is not a single one that could serve the needs of all users. We have analyzed the operational facilities of Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Hangouts, Line, and e-Chat. You would easily find the supporters and haters of each of the mentioned above messenger, but the question on which of the messenger is the best and could serve the needs of future generations is still open. Recently, we observe extremely high competition among the online communication means. Every smartphone has the Internet and it allows the users of the gadgets activate as many instant messaging apps as they want. Everyday startups come out with new messengers. Some specialize at sending the photo and video content; some are so weird that organize the communication by typing only one word (e.g. Yo app). The abundance of means pushes users to multiple their accounts and update the apps they store. But there is even a bigger problem: the present situation threatens the basis of communication in the future. Everyone knows that the messengers are run by companies, so to say, this sphere is monopolized. We believe that the existing centralized architecture used as the model for all known instant messaging apps threatens the freedom and safety of modern online communication. Every messenger that you use is isolated from another. You cannot send a text from Skype to Telegram and organize a video streaming from Facebook messenger to Viber. Moreover, each company-owner is having the fight of their lives to get you as their user. At the rise of the Internet, the situation with the personal communication was absolutely different, because the open standards penetrate all levels of interaction and provide the availability and interoperability of web-browsers, websites, and email clients. With the time the needs of Internet-users were growing and only small companies that are not using open standards managed to meet them. Skype was the first shot. The popularity of smartphones brought to masses the real obsession with instant messengers. It was as clear as day that there is no need to spend money on texts or calls anymore and people started installing apps like crazy. Legacy mobile operators are trying to prevent the spread of VoIP and other services, but the idea of globalization and in the near distant future the picture having no SIM-cards in your phones is very plausible. Our developers at e-Chat are positive that quite soon we will witness drastic changes in the sphere of communication. The online instant messaging software is turning into the leading way of interaction between people. And if the centralized infrastructure of the messengers we know doesn’t change, in the end, we receive hundreds of isolated apps on our gadgets that will only keep multiplying. Let’s see what the weakest sides of modern messengers are. Let’s take Skype as a prototypical messenger, the first one of its class and Telegram because it claims to be the best in terms of safety, encryption, etc. Skype 1. Skype is unsafe to use It opens up your IP-addresses, including the local one. Having these data, everyone could track you and get to know where you are located right now. Skype technical support doesn’t seem like sacrificing everything to fix bugs that the Skype community is bringing to the table. Even now, you can register a Skype account providing your email and there is no confirmation. Moreover, our guys at e-Chat know at least two ways how to block any user by only knowing their Skype logins. Its transport protocol is safe, but the app itself is not. 2. Skype management policy is unpredictable There is the whole story of Skype permissions and rejections. Some years ago, SkypeKit SDK was free for software developers and anyone could integrate Skype support into their products. Even at that time, the process to obtain it and make it work was very bureaucratic. Now, SkypeKit is not available, and all the products based on it, stopped working. If we take other instant messengers into consideration, they provide even less space for any additional development, basically, none. Telegram 1. Telegram has centralized management and architecture This messenger needs detailed observation as it claims to be the app of the future. But is it really so, or maybe there are some analogs that could outsmart it. Hint, hint (most likely, e-Chat). Telegram obtains all the information about its users, it decides what topics to discuss, what kind of data to exchange. It means that the management policy of this corporation could be manipulated by states or political organizations and it’s a matter of time when our freedoms could be fringed. 2. Telegram provides end-to-end encryption This is a truly convenient feature. Moreover, we, as users, have the opportunity to put the option of automated chat deletion. The procedure of keys verification is not clear yet and we cannot check it by ourselves. Though Telegram differs from its rivals, it doesn’t have all the features needed to become THE app for the future generations. Let’s bring a table with other messengers and discuss their features: We discussed the existing messengers and are happy to announce that the weak sides of the aforementioned means of online communication could be strengthened and that’s what we actually did by creating e-Chat. It’s the first decentralized messenger. Only by saying that it’s based on the blockchain, IPFS, and P2P should ring the bells to you. Protection, the safety of data storage, built-in wallet, end-to-end encryption — are only some of the features that make e-Chat primus inter pares. WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
  3. E-CHAT PARTICIPATED IN ICO PROJECTS BATTLE HELD IN MOSCOW On November 27, 2017, Moscow hosted an annual battle between ICO-projects from all over the world. e-Chat was one of the speakers at this event and our representatives were describing the stages we went throughout the development of our first decentralized messaging app based on the blockchain technology. We were happy to receive positive reaction and words of support from the other participants. The range of projects presented in Moscow was wide. These were startups planning to enter the ICO. Their ideas were thoroughly discussed and counseled by other participants of the battle. The other category of projects presented at the event were startups, like e-Chat, who are already running the ICO and those who have already finished the Initial Coin Offering and managing the funds raised. Don’t forget to invest in our project by buying the ECHT tokens. There is not much time left, the e-Chat first round of ICO finishes on December 15th, 2017. WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
  4. E-CHAT NEWS AVAILABLE IN 12 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES e-Chat News Available in 12 Different Languages e-Chat is an international project and our management includes professionals from all over the world: Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, Israel, India, China, Switzerland, etc. The versatile and unique functionality of our first decentralized messaging app triggered the intense interest from the investors worldwide. Therefore we decided to translate e-Chat news feed to a record number of languages - 12, which is not common for ICO projects. In case of any technical insufficiencies, please, let us know. We are happy to have you with us! WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
  5. On November 28, London hosts one-day Blockchain event for businesses. It is the conference and the exhibit showing the ways the blockchain technology could be implemented in various business fields: Finance and Banking, Government, Insurance, Transport, Healthcare, Retail, Supply Chain and Manufacturing, and Energy. The Blockchain Summit is gathering over 700 speakers from all over the world who will work according to the optimized schedule to squeeze the events in one day. e-Chat team together with IBM, Bitfury, HCL, Beelife, and other companies are happy to support such a powerful event bringing exceptional working opportunities and breaking new grounds with the blockchain technology. This is also an amazing chance for us to connect with the seniors of the companies, industry leaders, blockchain enthusiasts, and innovators. At the same time, please, don’t forget to support us by purchasing ECHT, e-Chat tokens, with a 25% discount - $0.75$ only! WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
  6. E-CHAT IS PICKING UP STEAM AS IT HIT THE HUFFINGTON POST TWICE THIS MONTH This time we are mentioned in the recent article provided by the Huffington Post due to our profound system of cryptowallet protection. The post is bringing the light to the aspects of how to keep your cryptocurrency assets safe. The knowledgeable opinion of Edwin Dearborn, our CMO, was brought to comment on this issue. Edwin stated that the wallet protection is as important as the provision of safe transactions. Based on the e-Chat experience, the usage of blockchain technology, IPFS protocols, and P2P connections is a win-win solution. Will Caldwell, the author of the article, mentioned that other ways to protect cryptocurrency transactions are: 1) make more wallets to distribute the assets and 2) store the assets offline. None of the mentioned above ways is convenient enough in the speeding pace of modern life. That is why we developed e-Chat. We believe that cryptocurrency transactions should become easier and more convenient to everyone. WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
  7. FORBES UNVEILS THE UNIQUENESS OF E-CHAT Finally, we made it to Forbes! We are very happy that Forbes contributors are paying attention to the growing interest to e-Chat. We see a consistent pattern in this media attention: products of excellent quality are easily recognized among the rest. So, we believe that e-Chat uniqueness makes us to the top list instant messaging platforms. In the recent post ‘CMOs: What Date and Demographics Can Do To Your Brand', Steve Olenski mentioned the ability of e-Chat to provide protection and security of the users’ personal data. Moreover, he also mentioned that the decentralized character of the app enables the immunity to any kind of control from authoritative parties. Please, note that the first round ICO is in full swing and ECHT tokens could be bought with 25% discount for $0.75 each. WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
  8. As you know, the first stage of our ICO started 5 days ago and it’s well under its way. 25 more days are left and you still have time to invest in the first decentralized messaging platform. The First Round of our ICO lasts until December 15, 2017. You still have time to support us by purchasing ECHT tokens for $0.75 only. In the coming rounds of the ICO the price for the token is expected to increase, don’t miss your chance now! WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
  9. E-CHAT BECAME A PARTNER OF THE LARGEST CONFERENCE IN THE ASIAN REGION IN TOKYO On November 11, 2017, the e-Chat team took part in another conference in the Asian region. It was the first blockchain conference organized by Blockchain Labo and e-Chat acted on behalf of one of the partnering organizations. We were happy to be enrolled in the biggest conference of the Asian region. More than 2000 participants representing profound and newly formed cryptocurrency companies had an opportunity to exchange the experience of building their decentralized projects. We would like also to remind you that e-Chat ICO has just started and it will last until December 15, 2017. Support our project by purchasing ECHT tokens for only $0.75. WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
  10. E-CHAT TEAM IS A FREQUENT GUEST AT CHINESE BLOCKCHAIN MEETUPS The popularity of Blockchain technology brought to life the organization of various summits and conferences where this technology is widely discussed. e-Chat is among the projects, that is highly appraised by Blockchain enthusiasts, that’s why we keep receiving invitations to deliver the speech on our project worldwide. In our previous news post, we discussed the participation in the 2017 Asian Blockchain Technology and Application Summit, which was held on November 9-10, 2017. On November 13, 2017, we took part in another Blockchain seminar in Shenzhen, China. The topic for discussion was: ‘The application of blockchain technology in real-time encrypted communications software’. The organizing side of this seminar was presented by the US-based blockchain companies and the Ethereum Asia-Pacific community. One of the main reasons for Blockchain technology specialists to gather is to explore the real-time application of the blockchain in various industries: finance, communication, jurisdiction, elections, healthcare, etc. e-Chat has much to share about how to build a robust decentralized infrastructure of an app. We managed to build the first decentralized anonymous instant messaging platform and are happy to share our creation with the world. WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
  11. E-CHAT IS INVADING CHINESE DIGITAL MARKET China has a very appealing market, many companies admit that and we are not an exception. The potential of the Chinese market is enormous and is calculated in billions of dollars. Moreover, it’s important to mention that it is still growing. As you know e-Chat is actively participating in various conferences. Only in November, we were honored to speak about the e-Chat messaging platform with its multi-currency crypto-wallet function in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. Usually, conferences are providing lots of room to meet the first figures of multiple world companies. We definitely didn’t miss our chance and established bonds with many Asian companies, including Chinese ones. We are proud to announce that the e-Chat presence in China is growing. The evidence to that is the big number of Chinese Android markets, acting as an analog to Google Play blocked in China, providing the installation of e-Chat. Let’s give some examples of the biggest ones: wandoujia.com, anzhuoyuan.com, store.mopo.com, 25pp.com, zhushou.360.cn, shouji.baidu.com WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
  12. e-Chat PRESENTED ITS PROJECT AT DECENTRALIZED CONFERENCE IN SWITZERLAND A couple of days ago our representatives returned from Switzerland where they participated in the Leading Conference on Decentralization. Alex Vincente, our business development manager and the Canadian regional manager, elaborated on e-Chat multi-functional platform and its perspectives in the future. We were happy to meet other ardent entrepreneurs who are developing various projects in the sphere of crypto-currency and made professional connections. The conference was broadcasted online and following this Link you could witness the events and go through the speeches of the participants. The e-Chat presentation was warmly welcomed by the audience and we are full of expectations as many participants showed professional interest and would like to run many joint projects with us. WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
  13. Our BDM Alex Vincente and Co-founder of Bancor Galia Benartzi at the d10e conference in Davos, Switzerland.
  14. THE RESULTS OF E-CHAT PRE-ICO e-Chat pre-ICO has ended, hurray! We are deeply grateful to everyone who believed in us and supported our project! During the month of our pre-ICO, we participated in four conferences worldwide. Some of the countries our representatives visited and spoke about the project are Hong Kong, Switzerland, China and Singapore! We were also enlisted among the sponsors of Miss Earth 2017, established contacts with various companies and firms and discussed the perspectives of our further joined cooperation. During the pre-ICO period we have formed a strong team for further development of the project. Our team has invited people who really know their business and are looking forward to expand the project geographically from native regional markets to the international arena... The total number of funds received is more than enough to keep up with the good work we are doing together! We would like to remind you that o the first round of our ICO has already started. For the whole month you will be able to invest in e-Chat by buying tokens for $0.75 each. The first round of e-Chat ICO will finish on December 15, 2017. Looking forward to your engagement and support! The world needs to receive a present in the form of our first decentralized messaging platform. We are thankful to all e-Chat supporters, happy to have you with us!
  15. We are truly happy to become one of the sponsoring organizations of Miss Earth 2017. This spectacular event took place on November 4th, in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Dozens of gorgeous women from every corner of the planet came to compete for the main crown and the three elemental Queen crowns. e-Chat is happy to bring joy to people’s minds and hearts! Keep up with our news and get to know the dates of our coming ICOs. Don’t miss your chance! WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
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