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  1. Don't know if it was an isolated incident but by the looks of it you can't shapeshift directly from luno... after a few mails to shapeshift they said that the transaction that came from luno was included in a multiple output transaction where several transactions are bundled together and use the same txid. Shapeshift does not support this . Got an email earlier saying that my btc was refunded from shapeshift but have not received it yet (look like they refunded it to the same multi address as it was sent from although i entered a return address). Just mailed luno... Maybe they first need to allocate it or something. Will await their response...
  2. Would suggest setting up a security pin :-) Can't transfer out without the pin as far as i know (from one noob to another :-)
  3. Damn, My shapeshift time expired while sending from luno. Contacted support maybe they can still let the deal go through as luno charged quite high for the transaction :-(
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