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    Hi One that stands out us how I have learnt to think about recurring expenses. As an example, I don't think of a debit order of R100 as R100 anymore, but rather as the collection of debits, for as long as my decision time horizon is (for me - 10 years), i.e. it represents a liability of R12,000. So one decision to can a R100 pm expense represents an extra trip overseas. Pierre Sent from my iPhone using the Platinum Wealth mobile app
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    Hi Everyone We have gone through an interesting journey where I got on a mission to pay off our debt, which happened in August 2015. The disciplines and habits we adopted along the way have been very valuable. Along the way I have become interested in investing, and lately, in trading shares more short-term. I love the Easy Equities platform, have some of my RA's with Sygnia (great service and low costs), use the Cadiz Money Market fund (best performance), and have an Old Mutual Money Account (greatest approach to making it easy to save at a low cost). I have a background in science, and started a business 21 years ago which still operates (it offers employee and client research, e.g. 360-degree feedback, and NPS measurement). I hope to learn a lot from everyone here, and to able to contribute as well. Regards, Pierre
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