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  1. Thanks, one of the first things we realized when we started working on the product is that its value would be greatly eroded if we waited for things to be proven in court before paying claims; and whether proven or not innocent investors often suffer losses anyways. Most companies deny wrongdoing as you'd expect, even Steinhoff denied what was happening when asked for years. If the product was on the market before the Steinhoff event and you bought the shares and insured them; any new news on the company that trigger any further collapse of the share price would be covered, and you would be paid out a claim when you decide to sell. We can take the Seinhoff example assuming you had 10 insured shares that you sold for R20 each: Share Price at the end of day on the day before the news: R 55.81 Trgger Price for the insurance (the above less 10%) R 50.23 Realised Price (price you sold shares for) R 20 Claim per share R 30.23 (R 50.23 - R 20) So instead of losing R 35.81 (R 55.81 - R 20) you would only lose R 5.58 (R 55.81 - R 20 - R 30.23)
  2. Thanks for understanding! You are correct in saying it's a altogether different product. It gives you a "stop loss" like feature in that you have a limited downside. A big difference is that the InvestSure product not only responds to a % drop in the share price but there must be news/accusation (even if unproven) that tie the drop to our covered risks of management fraud, dishonesty and corruption. Also unlike a stop loss, the insurance product is not an instruction, you remain in control and have the option to exercise the sale. The InvestSure product is well suited to situations of high volatility or fast drops- where Stop Losses or Limits have been found to not work very well (with people losing way more than they expected based on the exit level they instructed). Unlike Stop Orders, we guarantee an effective exit price no matter the price you sell at giving you piece of mind and keep you in control of the sell decision.
  3. Hi Bandit, apologies for the inconvenience caused. We've sorted out the issues you mentioned here and in other posts; please have another look. We are still in a live testing and have chosen only a few Easy Equities users to grant access too so we can incorporate there feedback before rolling out to all Easy Equities clients. It won't be long now till we launch fully as we've received very positive feedback from our users.
  4. Hi Bankdit, Mbulelo here from InvestSure. There are no lock-in periods with this product, when you buy you are covered from the next day for 12 months; and you can cancel you cover at any point for an immediate refund of the unexpired period of your coverage. Glad to hear you find the price point attractive, it was a key objective of ours to be able to offer the product at a rate that doesn't significantly erode investor returns but still offer meaningful cover. For more information please check out our FAQs page https://investsure.info/faq.html or on the Easy Equities site https://support.easyequities.co.za/support/solutions/folders/13000009318
  5. Hi Ianf, my name is Mbulelo- I'm one the co-founders of InvestSure. Firstly, thanks for the questions, it great to have an opportunity to engage with the Platinum Wealth community. I short both the Resilient Group REITs companies (4 companies) and EOH would have been covered by the product. The longer answer. The product is designed specifically to protect investors from the negative effects of information around management fraud and dishonesty coming to light in companies in which they made investments in good faith. Management wrongdoing includes things like: - Accounting fraud - Breach of regulation or laws - Deceptive, misleading or false statements - Fraud You've asked about deception which we've defined what we mean by more formally in the policy wording but what it comes down to is management deceiving the public and their shareholders by lying. making false representations, omitting material facts. In the case of Resilient; they are accused of intentionally manipulating the share price of Resilient and it's 3 related companies in order to artificially prop the share prices. This accusation clearly falls under deception. In EOH's case I'll assume you are referring to the most recent case, where they were accused of corruption relating to it's public sector business in December 2017. This is clearly an accusation of dishonest practices and would be covered by the product. For more information please check out our: - Website www.investsure.info or, - FAQs pages https://investsure.info/faq.html or on the Easy Equities site https://support.easyequities.co.za/support/solutions/folders/13000009318
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