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  1. Seems to be steady at 27. Been up to 29 but this is the first time I have been in the green with this share at 27. Patience pays...sometimes.
  2. Up to 27 today but no announcement yet. There is more buying activity so something is happening.
  3. Seems to be maintaining in the band 20 to 24 cents. Waiting on the next announcement on the offers/proposals.
  4. Trading around 20c. Was 5c a few days ago. A take-over or cash injection is in the offing. Traded over R0.5m today. PEMBURY LIFESTYLE GROUP LIMITED (Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa) (Registration number 2013/205899/06) (?the Company?) ISIN Code: ZAE000222949 JSE Code: PEM CAUTIONARY ANNOUNCEMENT Shareholders are advised that the Company has received two formal offers for an equity investment to fund the growth and expansion aspirations of the Company, and/or a convertible loan both containing a commitment to raise additional pr
  5. Something is happening. Seems like patience may be rewarded.
  6. Red88


    A "BUY" at this point. At 300c per share a bargain. If a stable majority government comes into power this share should move up.
  7. Results are out. Bought a few more as it appears to be positive.
  8. The education system seems to be going through changes. There is a trend towards home schooling and small colleges in some sectors of the community, away from the formal uniform wearing "conventional" schools. Teacher education is in a bad shape and the quality of teachers seems to be deteriorating. The discipline in the conventional schools is going from bad to worse. Yes the private school system is facing an uncertain future but it seems to be a better bet than the state schools and even the old model "C" schools which are going the same way as the majority. Affordability of the private sch
  9. Am holding on and will do so until the position becomes clearer. Share is in a good market area, education and retirement villages. Downside is the conduct of management. Volumes of shares are being traded at very low prices. As is often the case it may be that someone knows what is going on and is taking advantage of the low share price. Have to see what the annual results reveal but I still think that it will pay off in the long term. Now is the time is to buy if you are confident in the future of the group.
  10. Not too much negativity so far and some trading interest although movement at the low current value gives large percentage swings . Seems like the plunge to 1c is not on the cards at present. Some good news regarding acquisitions will help to spur an upward climb in the new year. Too early to call so I am holding on at the moment - not buying or selling.
  11. Red88


    An upturn in the industrial sector next year should precipitate a further upward movement of the share price. AM has been strengthened financially by the sale of the interest in Macsteel and should be in a position to take advantage of an increase in local demand for steel products.
  12. Thanks SB45. Like YoungInvestor, I am in this for the long term. If it did drop further I would have bought some more. As long as the business is a going concern there is a strong likelihood of a steady growth. Next year should be telling.
  13. Very little trading. Price unchanged.
  14. Red88


    Sale of Macsteel interest confirmed today. Shares reacted positively.
  15. Thank you SB45 for the feedback.
  16. AGM is tomorrow. Can't go but interested to see what transpires.
  17. Some movement. AGM has been scheduled.
  18. Yes I agree asking for more money at this time is a no-brainer. We need some consistency and professionalism which appears to be sorely lacking unless they are playing some game.
  19. Presumably the request has been made together with supporting documentation for the suspension to be lifted and the decision is in the hands of the JSE. Should the share price drop dramatically there will be a few eager buyers at bargain prices because it appears the equity holdings are substantial. Wait and see what happens. Should be interesting.
  20. Audited statement has been posted. Hopefully the suspension will be lifted and trading can resume.
  21. It's been a bumpy road let's hope we can trade the shares again soon.
  22. Have they missed the deadline? Maybe they did submit and all will be revealed in due course. if the share price drops and the company has a future - time to buy.
  23. It's still on the board so JSE has not pulled the plug for some reason.
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