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Top South African Finance Blogs

Top South African Personal Finance Blogs

Overwhelmed with the number of blogs that are supposed to help you manage your money? We’ve culled the list for you.

Combining visitor, search and social metrics with in-house expertise, Platinum Wealth identifies the most read, most discussed and most influential names in the South African personal finance blogosphere.

Dividend Tycoon (View Blog)
Ross currently lives in Cape Town and is a full-time investor and a part-time writer. He seeks to inspire people through his blog to reach financial independence(FI). We especially liked this post about how the Steinhoff disaster changed his view and approach to investing.

Take charge of your money (View Blog)
This blog is run by Brendan, a software developer working a regular 9 – 5 job. He strives to reach financial independence and this blog documents his journey as he shares a collection of thoughts, ideas, tools and useful videos that helped him along the way. A good post is where he explains with numbers why he is paying his home loan off early instead of investing.

JustOneLap (View Blog)
If you ever wondered how the stock market works, what a share is or how to make your first investment this blog is the one to get started with. Justonelap is run by Simon Brown and Kristia van Heerden who together has done incredible work for the average South African investor. The Fat Wallet Show podcast is a must listen to any South African earning a salary. They have a fantastic podcast on how to structure your pay cheque.

Investor Challenge (View Blog)
With a unique take on personal finance concepts like buying a car, Patrick McKay’s blog is worth reading. He wrote a post explaining that your car doesn’t cost you R5800 p/m instead it costs you closer to one million rand. He covers a large variety of other topics from Tax-Free Savings Accounts to Buying versus Renting a house.

Well Spent (View blog)
This blog is run by a collection of finance professionals, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs who aim to build the go-to personal finance website in South Africa (#ChallengeAccepted). Get ready to dig into a series of articles, blog posts, and videos that will take you from financially clueless to financially clued-up, without boring you to death.

Stealthy Wealth (View Blog)
On this blog, you will meet a guy who is planning to retire in 2030 at age 45. He writes about the plan to make it happen, the decisions along the way, investments he is making and the cost-cutting ideas he is implementing. We love TFSAs and therefore his post about them is one of our favorites.

Maya on Money (View Blog)
Maya Fisher-French is a well-known South African personal finance journalist and on this blog she writes and shares articles about areas that you need in order to manage your money effectively such as budgeting, saving, investing, banking and insurance. We liked the article she wrote on how you drive your way to a lower premium.

Tigers on a Golden Leash (View Blog)
Hendrik runs a blog where he writes about achieving his own financial goals, sharing what he has learned and have some great calculators and spreadsheets you can check out here. We particularly liked his article on what a typical South African budget should look like.

If you know of a personal finance blog which you think deserves to be on the list, let us know in the comments below.



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