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Why Us? is the platform to be advertising your expertise in South Africa’s economic and finance sector. With numbers growing rapidly it is the right way to get a foot in the door of not only your exposure but having a fundamental effect on the lives of people who read your articles.

Core Team

We have a core team of financial journalists, analysts and writers. Should you want to become of a part of the Platinum Wealth Group send us your details, it costs nothing.

Corporate Advertising

If you’re a financial company or part of a financial company and want to take your marketing to a new level then get in contact with us, we’re offering a solution that is a first in South Africa and doesn’t cost a thing.

Opinion Pieces

If you want to submit an opinion piece simply tweet @PlatinumGroupZA with the hashtag #PGZA or use the contact page to contact us directly.
Please note: We do not publish opinion pieces already sent to other newspapers.

How to submit an Opinion piece:

Email your word document to [email protected] include a separate word document that contains your personal or company information that you would like to have displayed along side your article.

The following features are currently supported:



Tables. The formatting of the table itself, such as borders, is currently ignored, but the formatting of the text is treated the same as in the rest of the document.

Footnotes and endnotes.


Bold, italics, superscript and subscript.


Text boxes. The contents of the text box are treated as a separate paragraph that appears after the paragraph containing the text box.