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JSE Stock picks for 2019

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Following below is a selection of stocks that various industry professionals have picked to be their shares to buy for 2018.

Please note this post in no ways endorses their selection of JSE stocks to invest in, but that is to be seen as an informative post for you to use in your own research.

Mr Price - (JSE:MRP)
Sasol - (JSE:SOL)
Life Healthcare - (JSE:LHC)
Shoprite Holdings - (JSE:SHP)
Telkom - (JSE:TKG)
Woolworths -  (JSE:WHL)
British American Tobacco - (JSE:BTI)
Wescoal - (JSE:WSL)
Aspen Pharmacare - (JSE:APN)
Distell - (JSE:DGH)
City Lodge - (JSE:CLH)
Coronation - (JSE:CML)





I want to add the Platinum Wealth Community picks as well. So suggest stocks that you believe will do great in 2018 and I will add them below.
(I am adding L4L)

Long4Life - (JSE:l4l)
Discovery - (JSE:DSY)
Dis-Chem - (JSE:DCP)



Type the name of the share followed by down vote and it will be removed from the community list.

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