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My experience with Takealot

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In a nutshell, I was impressed. 

Generally, I am not the biggest fan of Takealot, I know a thing or two about what happens behind the scenes and how they are burning cash left right and center. However, I needed a specific item for a Christmas gift. An item I could not find in store at Canal Walk nor Tygervalley mall, when I saw it on Takealot I decided to take the chance and give them a try. 


I logged into their website on my phone and noticed it’s just a responsive website. I think Takealot can do better, it’s 2019, responsive web design is coming to an end in the e-commerce space, they need to invest in changing their platform to a PWA (Progressive Web Apps). I think the era of people downloading dedicated apps for their online shopping is over, big e-commerce players overseas are all on PWA’s by now. PWAs, with a “Add to home screen” button, can be saved directly from the mobile web page. It lowers user acquisition costs and shortens the process. What’s more, the linkability of PWAs simplifies the sharing of information and favorite products among the users as the product page from a PWA can be copied as a link and used in any browser.

Anyway, rant over, I added my credit card (Capitec) to my Takealot account and proceeded to add my item to my card and on the checkout screen, I selected to pick up instead of delivery. This was on 21st of December on the morning of the 22nd a Saturday I got an email saying my item is ready for collection at the Takealot warehouse in Milnerton. 

When I got to the warehouse there were more than 100 people from what I could count, yet from the sign in to getting my package only took 15 minutes (most of the time was in the queue, but it moved the whole time.)

So overall, I was very impressed with how well the logistics of this operation worked and the checkout process on the website was reassuring and easy to follow with no side effects (so commonly experience in the SA web space.)

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I've been using Takealot for years and never had a problem with them. I always use delivery and their delivery service is excellent. They always send an sms to say exactly which day wish to come and then the courier phones you to find out what time you'll be home. Delivery is always with plus or minus one hour of the agreed-upon time. Plus, their online tracking system is excellent. For delivery, I'd give them 10/10.


Also, they're not fussy with returns or cancellations. Last month I accidentally bought an item that I already had and just before delivery, I noticed my mistake and wanted to cancel the item. I called their helpline and they cancelled the order immediately and without question and credited my account with the amount.

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