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Apple has lost its $1 trillion company status

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  • Apple on Thursday reported underwhelming iPhone sales and gave soft guidance for the holiday quarter.
  • Shares fell more than 7%, pushing the company's market cap below $1 trillion.
  • Apple says it will no longer report iPhone sales numbers.
  • The move can only be interpreted negatively.
  • "Some people may fear that this now means that the iPhone units are going to start going negative year over year because it's easier to talk about great things and not show the details of things that aren't so great," the Citi analyst Jim Suva said.
  • Global data shows smartphone sales declining, and CEO Tim Cook has previously said he is comfortable with that.


Apple on Friday lost its $1 trillion valuation as shares fell more than 7%, to a low of $206.66, following its disappointing fourth-quarter results.


The tech giant reported underwhelming iPhone sales and gave soft guidance for its crucial holiday quarter, sending shares below the $207.45 price that was needed to hold the mark. It's possible that the per share price need to break the $1 trillion valuation is lower due to buybacks.


Apple crossed the $1 trillion mark in August - a first for a US company - after reporting strong second-quarter results. Shares peaked at a valuation of $1.121 trillion on October 3, but fell as much as 11% as the broader stock market came under pressure in October. The company briefly lost its $1 trillion valuation last month as shares dipped to a low of $206.09.


And while Apple's disappointing results were notable, Wall Street seemed to be focusing on something that occurred on the earnings call. That's when the company said it would no longer reveal unit sales for its hardware, drawing the ire of some Wall Street analysts.


"The 'jaw-dropper' last night was when Apple announced it will stop providing units/ASPs for iPhones, Macs, and its other product lines," Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives wrote.


"The Street will find this a tough pill to swallow this morning as the transparency of the Cupertino story takes a major dent given that tracking iPhone units have become habitual to any investor that has closely followed the Apple story for the last decade+ and is critical to the thesis."


Ives maintained his $310 price target and "outperform" rating.

Source: Business Insider

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