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Satrix Momentum ETF

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What do you think about the Satrix Momentum ETF? 



The Satrix Momentum ETF aims to replicate the performance of the proprietary Satrix Momentum Index by physically holding all the index shares in the underlying portfolio. The ETF will make quarterly distributions in March, June, September and December. The Total Expense Ratio (TER) will be targeted at 0.40% p.a. (incl VAT) and will be calculated after 1 year. The anticipated listing date on the JSE is Friday 16 November 2018 (code STXMMT).

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I cannot tell how little I care for South African focussed ETFs. Rather bring us more international ones.


It's the one thing CoreShares is missing: a "focussed" offshore ETF like the Nasdaq 100.


Once they have that I have no reason to be on EE anymore (seen their latest screw up? Can't wait to get off that platform....stupid Thrive emails filling up my inbox as well)

IQ Test

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From a MyBroadband post:


" You may have noticed that you received dividends that were to be re-invested in your EasyEquities account for Satrix RAFI on 19th September, 2018.

Due to technical issues, we were only able to process the debit and re-investment on your account in the following month, 19 October 2018.
As a result of this delayed action, you may have noticed your account sitting on a negative value. In order for you to restore your account to a positive value, you will need to either: 

Sell some of the holdings in your portfolio, or

Fund your account

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. "

IQ Test

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I had to go fetch my "log" of the EE issues:


2016: Charged extra fees on ETFs they shouldn't have. Refunded clients after clients complained.

2016: Amount of shares in portfolio was less that trading statements showed it should be.

2017: Charged extra fees on ETFs they shouldn't have. Refunded clients after clients complained.

2017: Screwed up a corporate action and inflated the holdings of their "yousers". They only realised their mistake two months later.


2018: Processed dividend reinvestment a month late causing some users to have a zero balance.



If they were a bank they'd get the full brunt of it from their clients, but I assume shares are a "foreign" concept for most so they get away with it. It's an appalling track record and just shows how manual (another assumption) their system really is.

IQ Test

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I noticed these issues overtime as well. I definitely think Easy Equities are not up for the task technically, but can we imagine what this industry would be like if they did not come onto the scene?

I sleep at night trusting that the regulators will ensure they cannot disappear with my money even with all the issues they have. 

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I think this has been discussed before, but who else would you recommend trading shares through? One of the banks?



I use Standard Bank Online Share Trading. It's a bit expensive but the resources and graphing software is second to none. I'm very happy with it.


Some features of the R160 per month Viewpoint package:

Live prices (no delay) always.

Specialist graphing software with all the indicators built in (see an example screen capture below)

Instant one-click buy and sell.

Research, fundamental analysis and professional opinions.

Live SENS news feed.

And that's just the beginning!






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1 hour ago, SlimArchi said:

Does it have buy/sell limits and stop losses or trailing stop losses?

Yes, with stop losses and take profit, you can choose fixed or trailing, and set your limits as the stop losses/take profits trigger. You can also do a partial sell/buy if the trigger is hit.


You can also choose between an alert or an action on a trigger.


Here's the interface for a fixed stop. The trailing stop is similar, and also allows partial sales.





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