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Employment / Job Offers - Forum Rules

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The Employment / Job Offers forum is intended for Platinum Wealth members to post any job vacancies they may have.


What is the 'Employment / Job Offers' forum for?

This forum is intended for individuals or companies to publish offers of employment only. Making posts which do not conform to this description may lead to the post being moved, removed or the poster being suspended. If you are seeking an employee on other forums or auction sites, you may not present a post with only a link to those other sites.


When searching for employees, try to include:

Job description

Job requirements


Detailed contact information. Please remember that not everyone can PM you.


Anyone found to be intentionally "trashing" or "trolling" in another user's advertisement thread will have their account suspended.


Negative comments on advertisements are not allowed. For example, if you think the salary is too low, leave the ad for other people to form their own opinions.


If you think the offer is fraudulent, please contact either myself, @padjakkels or @Bandit

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