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Black Friday 2018: The best deals in South Africa


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Let's use this thread to post the best Black Friday deals for 2018 in South Africa.

Black Friday 2018 will take place on Friday, 23 November.


Here is a list of all the suppliers who will be participating in Black Friday 2018

Takealot - https://www.takealot.com/company-news/make-the-most-of-the-takealot-com-blue-dot-sale 

Makro - https://www.makro.co.za/BlackFriday

Pick n Payhttps://www.pnp.co.za/blackfriday 
Superbalist https://superbalist.com/showdown 

Game https://www.game.co.za/game-za/en//black-friday-2018-midnight-trading-storelist

Cybercellar - https://www.cybercellar.com/our-black-friday-deals
Raru - https://raru.co.za/

Bidvest McCarthyhttps://www.mccarthy.co.za/specials?typelist=13,13
Wootware - https://www.wootware.co.za/black-friday/
Dion Wiredhttps://www.dionwired.co.za/dionwired/en/All-Dionwired-Categories/BlackFridayDW/c/black-friday-dw 


Incredible Connectionhttps://www.incredible.co.za/black-friday 

Zando https://www.zando.co.za/black-friday/deals-2018/

Barons Woodmeadhttps://baronswoodmead.co.za/barons-woodmead-black-friday/






CNA https://www.cna.co.za/black-Friday

MR Price Homehttps://www.mrphome.com/en_za/shop/black-friday-2017

HiFi Corporationhttps://www.hificorp.co.za/hifi-black-friday

Samsung SAhttps://www.samsung.com/za/offer/blackfriday-2018/

VOX Telecom https://www.vox.co.za/blackfridayspecials/


Please post links to Black Friday deals in this thread then I will add them to the OP.

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I am looking for the following stuff (please ping me if you guys spot a special on Black Friday)

A microwave
A blender, I like the nutri bullet type ones. They're very easy to clean.
A slow cooker or an air fryer
A kettle
A toaster
A standing fan, or cooling device (portable aircon).

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1 hour ago, Spreadsheet Ranger said:

A slow cooker or an air fryer


Skip the air fryer and get a halogen oven instead. Some of the more expensive ones like Milex's are called "air fryers" as well. Either way, it is the best thing you can buy for your kitchen.


...and then get the slow cooker. But skip the Air Fryer (Philips one?) and skip the pressure cooker (if you were so inclined as to get one).

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16 minutes ago, Spreadsheet Ranger said:

Do you have a link to this halogen oven it sounds futuristic.

What does it do different than the philips air fryer?




It was made to cook chicken! It's basically a table-top convection oven. Uses a halogen light for heat and air to bake/"fry" your food. No oil, nothing. Wife and I are on our third - both of us had older ones and then we got this bad boy (but I see the price is significantly less atm): https://www.pricecheck.co.za/offers/80927182/Homemark+Milex+Hurricane+Air+Fryer


EDIT: It's loot running a special: https://www.loot.co.za/product/milex-hurricane-air-fryer-11-litres/czzd-5756-g990

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