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Unblock US Netflix in South Africa

Spreadsheet Ranger

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The DNS Netflix unblocker is quite affordable, I have used numerous services over the past 2 years including my own VPS and Raspberry Pi no luck and those that did work made my internet dog slow, that is until I found this DNS based solution.


Subscription Price:

Monthly - $4.90 (0% off)

3 Months - $12.90 (12% off)

12 Months - $39.90 (32% off) *Special

24 Months - $49.90 (58% off)


There is a 14-day trial you can use to test with, you do not have to enter payment details or anything, literally just email and password and you are set to use the service unrestricted for 14 days. 


Click here: https://goo.gl/uz7Gsp


This is a DNS proxy, not a VPN so your speeds will not be affected by this service, even better they have servers in South Africa.


I am currently using it for Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, NBC, Amazon Prime and BBC IPlayer. 


There are like 300 services supported in total.

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Just be careful with using this as the default DNS on your router. A DNS service has:


1) access to your browsing history because you are asking them to resolve an IP for you and


2) can in effect return any site they wish for the name you provide, ie: you ask them for absa.co.za and instead of returning the correct IP they point you to an IP of a phishing site.


Not saying that is the case here but if you are going to make use of a service like this (to bypass the law) you best be careful and restrict it only to the device you are watching Netflix on and not all your devices including your phone, laptops etc. which you use to share private details with and manage finances with.

IQ Test

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