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IceCUBED Exchange

iceCUBED exchange

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We have made a lot of updates to the exchange in the last few months since last post here.


Currently available cryptocurrency trading pairs:


BCH/BTC - https://ice3x.com/bch-btc

DASH/BTC - https://ice3x.com/dash-btc

DOGE/BTC - https://ice3x.com/doge-btc

ETH/BTC - https://ice3x.com/eth-btc

LTC/BTC - https://ice3x.com/ltc-btc

ZEC/BTC - https://ice3x.com/zec-btc

XMR/BTC - https://ice3x.com/xmr-btc


Currently available Rand trading pairs:


BCH/ZAR - https://ice3x.com/bch-zar

BTC/ZAR - https://ice3x.com/btc-zar

ETH/ZAR - https://ice3x.com/eth-zar

LTC/ZAR - https://ice3x.com/ltc-zar


We have also got the usual limit orders, and also market and stop-limit orders available

Trading view charts also have been added

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