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Afternoon snack...

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1. Place pizza stone in grill and heat that bitch up to high


2. Walk over to fridge and relocate the tortilla wrap, cheese, tomatoes, onions, spinach leaves to counter top


3. Dust breadboard with flour and place wrap on it


4. If you want a cheap tomato base, a squirt of tomato sauce and a splash of tobasco schmeared over the wrap will do


5. Proceed to donner the cheese and rest of stuff into the wrap


6. Slide, what is now a mini pizza, onto the stone and burn it for 10 or so minutes. If it starts "burning" brown or becomes hard (damn straight) it's ready.


7. Slide into plate, apply pizza cutter and thank the gods for your good fortune.79e75885e03403be83f85d69148d0f79.jpg98ea57e6802171f59433dbd4ea851e02.jpg

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