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Bilal Habib

Which Shares Can I Buy At Low ?

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Hi,I just wanted to get some help/advice if possible I am actually looking to buy some shares of Easy Equites I just want some advice,to know which shares do you guys recommend investing in(Preferably If @ A Low Price So I Can See Growth In The Long Run)(New Companies Also) and also what Efts you guys recommend :)


Thanks For Any Feedback,All Appreciated :)


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Hey, welcome to the forum.


I think this thread would be a good start. It's the JSE top picks for 2018. 


Shares that I am looking at and invested in at the moment that kind of fit your criteria will be Long 4 Life, Pembury and PSG (After the Capitec saga).


ETFs, have a look at the Ashburton Global 1200 or the Satrix World one, I think the Sygnia ETFs are the expensive ones and Satrix is the cheap ones, perhaps someone can just correct me there.

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I agree with Noobly about Long4Life and PSG for long term growth. I own L4L and very happy with it. I don't own PSG yet, but am considering it as a possible purchase for later this year now that my Capitec is gone (that fateful morning I woke up and my 18% trailing stop-loss triggered all my Capitec to sell after the Viceroy report.)


I'm also thinking long term and I own four stocks at the the moment:


Naspers (NPN)

Dis-Chem (DCP)

Long4Life (L4L)

Ellies (ELI)


I sold everything else and put it into these four.


The stocks that I don't own at the moment that I'm watching very closely with an eye to buying are:



Shoprite (SHP)



To start an ETF portfolio, I'd go with with Bandit's suggestion of Ashburton Global 1200 (ASHGEQ) and NewFunds MAPPS Growth ETF (MAPPSG). If you prefer higher risk and equities only, then ASHGEQ and Coreshares Top 50 (CTOP50).

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This is the performance since 20 December when I sold everything else and bought these four:

For 2 months returns, especially considering the crash, I think it's not bad!   ;-)


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