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How much the average South African spends on Christmas presents

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Statistics South Africa has published a graph showing how much the average South African family spends on gifts for their parents, grandparents and children.


The gift prices were sourced from a combination of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for November 2017, as well as the registry of recorded live births for 2016.


According to the data, Dads receive the most expensive gifts with the average present costing R776.22 – an increase of 1.2% In comparison, South African moms typically receive presents worth only R328.74 – a significant decrease of 11.6% compared to presents last year.


The only other decrease was seen in gifts for male children which typically cost R173.95 in December 2017 – down 6.2% when compared to gift prices earlier this year.


You can find the full list of expenses detailed below.



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We are proposing to do the secret santa thing next Christmas it makes it a lot easier and thus you buy one solid gift especially now that we are on that age where socks doesn't really cut it anymore.

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