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[ICO Introduction] Experty

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As promised I will start with my most anticipated ICO of January! 



Knowledge sharing and Monetized Consultations powered by blockchain.




My score (based on 32 Point system explained in my other topic found here)   31


1.   What is their idea, product, tech  (score: 4/4)


Experty is Uber meets Skype! Everyone can monetize their expertise and knowledge with their own pricing and timetable.

You (A Doctor, Web developer, Magician, Gamer…) can create your experty profile and set your own price. Then you share your experty profile on social media and anyone who needs your expertise can call you via experty app during the timing you set on your profile and benefit from your one-on-one help. The caller will be charged by the minute and as soon as the call is over the payment is done automatically with the experty smartcontract. Since everything is done through the Blockchain there can be no disputes. The payment can be done with different cryptocurrencies, however if you use EXY tokens you can gain access to the premium features such as call scheduling and one-to-many (webinars) calls.


2.   What problem they want to solve (score 4/4)


It’s not a problem, more of a GAP. Experty is the answer to the question we didn’t know existed. With this app a teacher from a third world country in South America can teach Spanish to people all over the world. A youtubers can give answer personally the viewer's questions regarding their game walktrough they just uploaded. No need for advertising themselves, no need to setup forex accounts or paypal accounts (they can buy and sell EXY tokens with credit cards or bitcoin or ether) No fear of scams or issue of trust (Blockchain is trustless) and most importantly no exorbitant fees for middleman websites (experty charges minimal fees)

This is why I believe experty will have a massive market in third world countries and it can become a great source of extra income. The same way people use facebook to share rides from smaller cities to joburg or use facebook groups to buy and sell their unwanted furniture. Everyone can use experty to make some extra cash and some people will setup their businesses in the experty ecosystem.


3.   How they will solve this problem. (Score 4/4)


They are building a mobile app and Web application so it can be accessed from multiple platforms. Also they are building their own smartcontract which has some intuitive features, like the way the smartcontract handles payments and calculates cost if the call drops. And since everything is autonomous and on the blockchain there is no fear of scams.


4.   What is the history of the project (Score 4/4)


The company behind Experty was founded in 2014 so the team has a long history of working together. They’ve worked on more than 30 applications worldwide and have some experience in solidity and ethereum development. However I think the fact that they worked  together for 3 years means there is a solid team chemistry. In my experience a team who worked together before and understand each other can always outperform a group of strangers with better skill sets.


5.   Minimum Viable product (MVP) or a demo (4/4 will be updated soon)



The screenshots from the interface are self-explanatory . The Alpha version will be released before the ICO. So I will wait and test it out before making my final decision as to how much to invest in this project.


6.   Roadmap (4/4)


There are some amazing projects out there but the problem is their first product release is planned for 2019. Who has time for that?! 

Experty is in development since Q2 2017 and third quarter they had enough momentum in their project to raise $700,000. The Alpha mobile app will be released before ICO (which is very important deciding factor)

By Q2 2018 The Fully functional mobile App will be released and by end of 2018 Web App will be released. In other words in one year time it will be generating revenue from Mobile and Web Apps. 


7.   Team and Advisors backgrounds (Score 3/4)


My only concern is that the team is young and don’t have much experience outside their own company. Co founders don’t have degrees from Harvard and MIT, I know degree is a piece of paper, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some reputable university names in the resume. This is why I gave them a 3.

Their Blockchain engineer worked in Sisco for over two years which is a plus.

I spoke with co founders on Telegram chat and am following their discussions with other people. They seem to handle the challenging questions from the community pretty well.

Their Advisory board is Stellar: Top dogs from Bitfinix, Golem, BlockV, Bitcoin Suisse and others…

Everyone on the Advisory board brings their own connections and leadership experience to the project. In addition they have some big crypto influencers and youtubers onboard, this will create massive awareness and marketshare.


8. Token Metrics  (4/4)



They are raising 9 Million dollars in their ICO. In the current ICO climate that every project with nothing but a whitepaper is asking for +25 Million it sounds very reasonable. It definitely is not a cash grab, since with these novel Idea and solid project they could easily ask for 30 Million dollars and raise that amount in a heartbeat.

More than 60% of tokens will be locked for over 18 months. This measn that after the tokens are released there will be limited supply (Do I need to hint what low supply and high demand does to price?!)

As I mentioned in the other topic, with 33% initial token supply and 9 Million dollar Initial market cap the potential for growth is huge. This project easily has the potential to be a top 100 project by marketcap.



Website: http://experty.io

Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/bqasgtq

Medium: https://medium.com/@experty_io

Github: https://github.com/Experty

Telegram: https://t.me/experty_io

ICO Start date: 25/01/2018

ICO Ends: 25/02/2018

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