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JSE Stock picks for 2018

Spreadsheet Ranger

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Every year we round up the top JSE stock picks of all the industry leaders and then post them here for all to see.

Please note this post in no ways endorses their selection of JSE stocks to invest in, but that this should instead be seen as an informative post for you to use in your own research.


JSE stock for 2018

Woolworths (JSE: WHL)

Dis-Chem (JSE: DCP)

Metair (JSE: MTA)

Mondi (JSE: MNP)

Discovery (JSE: DSY)

Invicta Holdings Ltd (JSE: IVT)

Curro (JSE: COH)

Tongaat-Hulett (JSE: TON)

Shoprite (JSE: SHP)


Tiger Brands (JSE: TBS)

(If you want your stock to be added to the list, tweet @PlatinumGroupZA with a link to your article and I will add it here.)










This year I want to add the Platinum Wealth Community picks as well. So suggest stocks that you believe will do great in 2018 and I will add them below.


Community Stocks picks for 2018

Pembury Lifestyle Group (JSE: PEM)

Stadio Holdings (JSE: SDO)

Long 4 Life (JSE: L4L)

Steinhoff Retail Africa (JSE: SRR)

Grand Parade Investments (JSE: GPL)



Type the name of the share followed by downvote and it will be removed from the community list.





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Why on earth would Pembury be suggested, that place is a sinkhole, or did I miss something?

What do you base that on?


The share came from here: https://platinumwealth.co.za/forum/Thread-Pembury-Lifestyle-Group-PEM


If you want a share removed from the community list then we just go ShareName - Downvote then I will remove it.

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If you're looking for a wildcard and have a few rand to spare, my tip would be Ellies. Its turnaround strategy is starting to pay off and I think they might just announce a profit for the first time in a few years. If they do, I see Ellies easily reaching 100 by the end of 2018 (41 at close today). Of course, if they make a loss again, it will probably stay flat all year (although I don't see them dropping because their financials have improved consistently over three terms already). I've posted pics of its 6 months performance and income below:




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I'd bet money Dis-Chem will grow at least 45% this year. It's my biggest individual stock at the moment. It's a tough choice between Clicks and Dis-Chem in that sector, but I think Dis-Chem is going to sky rocket. Clicks may be close to it's true value, I feel; not that I think it will drop, but I think it's growth might slow down a bit - to maybe 15%-25% for 2018.


Obviously, the fact that several of the directors sold a ton of their Dis-Chem shares last month will slow its progress a lot, but I believe by April Dis-Chem share prices will be as green as the grass of Ireland.


It's definitely my pick for 2018.

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