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Good day,


New here after doing some reading on some of the threads.


I am from Centurion, working in the manufacturing industry, 29 years old.


I have developed a passion for investing over the last year or so and I'm involving myself more and more each day. I preach TFSA at the moment to anyone I talk to and have a few friends and family members who I talk shares with.


A bit about my financials: 

- I have an RA which I put money into on a monthly basis as well as a lump sum in January of each year.

- I opened a TFSA with EE and have been depositing into that for about a year now, I aim to fill that up for the current financial year.

- I also bought some Dischem shares in December last year and my return is currently sitting at about 40%.


I am interested in buying more shares with the main aim more at buying and holding for the long term than short-term buying and selling. The plan at the moment is to buy in another company during December or January so I am busy with some research on that.


Hoping to gain some value and hopefully also add a little.

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