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Very nice article with Brain Joffe and long 4 life -> http://moneyweb-2.instantmagazine.com/investor/the-moneyweb-investor-issue-46/its-early-days-for-long4life/


There are many investors who wish they had taken a punt on Brian Joffe’s Bidvest Group when it listed on the JSE in 1990.


But, given a second chance, there don’t seem to be that many lining up to take a do so on his new company, Long4Life, which listed in April 2017 at R5 and has gone nowhere, trading currently at R5.75.


Long4Life has announced a proposed R3.9 billion investment in clothing and footwear company Rage, adding to a slew of acquisitions in the leisure and lifestyle sector since its listing, prior to which it raised R2 billion.


Some investors and analysts still view Long4Life as speculative and are waiting for Joffe to prove he can replicate the success of Bidvest. This is a tall order. Things are not the same as in the early days of Bidvest, which was started in 1988, and Joffe is not trying to mimic it.

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Does anybody know what's happening behind the scenes at Long4Life (if there's anything),this share price has been doing much. I saw Holdsport directors selling a while back(I don't care about them), but if that was a signal that Holdsport is making a loss and they are taking their skins out the game, 'FARK' them. 

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I see Long 4 Life took a 12.5% stake in Spur.

Brian Joffe’s acquisitive investment group Long4Life, which, in May, said it had a cash pile of R1.1bn for buying opportunities, has more than tripled its stake in Spur Corporation to 12.5%. 

The transaction, which is worth about R220m, takes Long4Life’s interest in Spur, which owns Hussar Grill and RocoMamas, from 4% to 12.5%. 

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