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Convince me please

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The volatility now is nothing to what it once was...it is getting less and less volatile over time as more people use it, and it grows in value.

The volatility goes both ways, so as a general everyday currency it does not work as well as others. Why spend something today that can be worth more tomorrow....


It does work great though if you want to send someone on the other side of the world a large sum of money really quickly.


Here is some info on the volatility https://bitvol.info/

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The day Bitcoin is a real currency is the day the its value drops, stabilises and people lose interest.


Completely in agreement there, the bubble will burst esp. for bitcoin, just a matter of time. Must be stressful holding bitcoin now deciding when to bow out or face losing ALOT or face missing out on even more growth if you do exit...think I will stay out of this game.

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I sold at R35k because I needed to buy an engagement ring AND I thought that it would start going back down. Thought the same when it hit the 50's, and when it hit the 80's.


Now I know it's going to drop one day in the very distant future. If I had bigger balls, was single and didn't have immigration on my mind I'd definitely get back in.


Just don't want to risk it...

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Until it drops I'll still be in the game. I however don't hold for long but trade on a daily basis. I made 40% profit last week within 3 days. So Ill still be arround. I was once like you , watching the price go up. I then decided to dive in and take a risk . I'm now happy I did.

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